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CMO services of EuBiologics specialize in manufacturing a wide range of mammalian cell and microbial cell derived biopharmaceuticals including recombinant biological products and antibody therapeutics.

From the early clinical stages to commercial production, our most experienced engineers produce relevant materials in accordance with all stages of the clients’ project development plans under the latest International regulatory standards.

In addition, our professionals are experienced to provide full support to find the best solution in case of troubled issues in the midst of the clients’ projects.

Cell Bank Production (MCB/WCB)

Master cell bank production
Working cell bank production
Biopharmaceutical APIs Production

Biopharmaceutical APIs Production

Biopharmaceutical APIs can be manufactured based on a mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation including protein therapeutics and antibodies, etc.

Finished Product Production

Liquid Vial, Lyophilized vial and Liquid tube type product can be produced using aseptic filling line.

EuBiologics considers expanding its manufacturing facilities gradually and has already established the collaboration systems with the global leading biopharmaceutical companies for mass production while exceeding the internal production capacity.