Global biopharmaceutical company providing safety, health and future

Vision and Mission

“To develop and supply biomedicines and to enrich the quality of human lives”

Vision and Mission


To contribute to human health that lasts for lifetime


To be a strong global company specialized
in the development of biomedical products


EuBiologics Co., Ltd. Is strongly motivated by its four core values.
  • Respect for Life
    Respect for Life “All lives must be respected without exception” is our motto that guides to commit to creating vaccines to prevent infectious diseases in underdeveloped and developing countries.
  • Technological Innovation
    Technological Innovation We are dedicated to learning and applying new, innovative technology. We are a biotechnology-based company ready to move on with our advanced manufacturing technology.
  • Trust
    Trust We ensure the safety and efficacy of our medicines for customer trust.
  • International Standards
    International Standards We are in complete compliance with all international standards and regulations, including cGMP standards.