Global biopharmaceutical company providing safety, health and future


Meanings of EuBiologics Corporate Identity

  • eu

    Means good, well, perfect as well as harmony, and symbolizes our goal: to achieve perfection.

  • biologics

    Represents that we are a biotech conducting R&D and manufacturing for biologics (biomedicines), and symbolizes our specialized technology.

  • logo

    Shows our endeavor to bring a healthier future for humans by studying the complicated mechanism of human body.

EuBiologics is a specialized biotech company dedicated to building a healthy future for all through understanding of human, enterprising spirit, and state-of-the-art technology.
Korean Name : 주식회사 유바이오로직스
English Name : EuBiologics Co., Ltd.

RGB : #6d6e71
CMYK : C-4 M-3 Y-0 K-56
Grey which represents calmness and future stands for EuBiologics’ state-of-the-art technology and driving force.

RGB : #fba919
CMYK : C-0 M-33 Y-90 K-2
Yellow, the color of hope and energy, stands for EuBiologics’ enterprising spirit.