Development and supply of safe and effective vaccine for global public health

Research and Development

EulMTTM (EuBiologics Immune Modulation Technology)

Development History Licensed in from Korea Institute of Science and Technology on 13th of Nov 2017
EcML MPLA Manufacturing Technology in order to maximize the immune response by activating the immune system in the body
Alum has been widely used as an adjuvant Right Arrow The manufacturing technology of TLR4 agonist (MPLA), with its superior efficacy is preferred
TLR4 agonist (Monophosphoryl Lipid A)
→ it catalyzes TLR and activates T-cells, B-cells, etc.
TLR (Toll like receptor)
→ Immune cells sense bacteria and viruses through a sensor called TLR on cell membranes. TLR protects our body from exotic pathogens by activating the immune system.
EulMTTM (EuBiologics Immune Modulation Technology)

EuVCTTM (EuBiologics Vaccine Conjugation Technology)

Conjugate Vaccine Technology (Platform Technology Utilizing Carrier Protein)
Development History Joint development with Genofocus in May 2019
rCRM197 Development of recombinant CRM197 (rCRM197) that increases yield more than tentimes compared to the natural form CRM197
Manufacturing rCRM197 and conjugate vaccine development To develop conjugate vaccines with higher immunogenicity by conjugating polysaccharides to carrier protein, rCRM197
Three conjugate vaccines are under development
→ Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine, Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine

EuVCTTM (EuBiologics Vaccine Conjugation Technology)